LotRep.com Press Release

LotRep.com has all the tools you will need to monitor and maintain your online reputation! The best way to get more reviews is to ask for them and LotRep will help you do so. Their mobile app puts the most commonly used tools, right in the palm of your hand and their system is easy to use. With some very creative features, LotRep is sure to please!

LAS VEGAS — With a goal to change the way customers and auto dealerships interact forever, LotRep.com, an online review monitoring service, launches today. The company has created and carefully tweaked an impeccable review monitoring system for months and is finally ready to open its virtual doors to auto dealers around the nation.

The founders and directors of LotRep.com say that the software tackles a problem that auto retailers and dealerships have been facing for years: accurately monitoring and tracking online consumer reviews in real-time, on multiple platforms.

“Online reviews have changed the way business is done in this day and age. We know how crucial these reviews can be to auto dealers and their customers, but up until this point, monitoring them all has been nearly impossible,” said Brian Lack, an auto retail veteran and LotRep.com’s founder. “We want to make it easier”.

Lack said the new service includes innovative features that have been specifically crafted to allow dealerships to efficiently and effectively handle online reviews without any stress or fuss. These features include:

  • An all-in-one dashboard focusing on a review feed, allowing quick evaluation of all major reviews
  • The ability to track and monitor various online review sites (including Cars.com, Yelp, Edmunds, Dealer Rater, SureCritic, The Yellow Pages, Facebook, Google, Yelp and more) to guarantee extensive review monitoring
  • Consistent analysis of online reviews through intelligent statistics and reporting, along with the ability to compare analytics throughout multiple dealership locations
  • A “Review Requester” feature allowing dealership representatives to solicit reviews from buyers via sms or email, along with an added feature that connects “thumbs-down” clickers with a manager to prevent increased instances of negative reviews
  • The capacity for multiple users and team members to be added to the Lot Rep system, meaning a more inclusive approach to review monitoring for the entire dealership
  • The inclusion of a “trending list” on the main dashboard featuring rotating keywords and phrases currently trending among all monitored online reviews
  • A mobile app designed to provide the most commonly used tools, right at your fingertips. A quick view of your dealership status and the ability to request reviews from your customers is provided.

According to Lack, the broad scope and detailed functionality of LotRep.com will make it a necessity for auto dealers everywhere. Between the flexible monitoring packages offered to retailers and the impressive array of features, he noted that the software will change the way auto dealers treat online reviews for good.

“By integrating LotRep.com into a regular customer service strategy at the dealership, auto retailers will be able to embrace online reviews as a key component to a strategic and effective business tool instead of a dreaded enemy,” he said.

Lack is offering all interested dealers 30 days FREE with no obligation to help launch his website.

For more information, visit  www.LotRep.com






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